Trekking On - in the company of brave men

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This wonderful book recounts Deneys Reitz’s remarkable experiences during the fateful years of the 1914 rebellion (occasioned by South Africa’s entry into the Great War on the side of the Allies), military action in German West and East Africa, and trench warfare in the fields of France – where the author ended the war leading a Scottish battalion to the Rhine after the armistice.

King George V told Deneys Reitz that he kept both Commando and Trekking On at his bedside in Windsor Castle, no small tribute to a man who had fought right through the Anglo-Boer War against the British, yet with (rather than for) Britain during the Great War.

The compelling quality of this book lies in the fact that the daredevil adventurer who seems to have almost courted disaster during ‘the war to end all wars’ was also a gifted writer – with an eye for detail, a complete absence of rancour, and an insight, tinged with dry humour, that transcended national differences. The author has bequeathed us a timeless heritage in this account of rebellion, African adventure, and ceaseless combat in the fields of France.

ISBN 9780620399586

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