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Think back in time.

Imagine cave-dwellers after a hard day’s hunting or gathering ... sitting around an open fire ... telling stories to the rhythm of the dancing flames ... listening at the fringe of flame-fall ... shooting stars punctuating the night ... southern cross illuminating all.

None of this unduly stretches the South African imagination. Our strong culture of braaiing over red-hot coals is no stranger to bushveld, night skies, or the storyteller’s art. Fireside stories are both ancient and modern: our tradition, our birthright, our way.

At Cape Rebel we love nothing better than to sprawl round a comforting fire listening to a good story under a magnificent starry sky.

We hope our featured stories will inspire you to get out under the stars, share your stories by firelight, and listen to the answering sounds of Africa.



During the Anglo-Boer War the word ‘joiner’ was used to signify a Boer combatant who had gone over to the other side and ‘joined’ the enemy – in the sense of actively assisting against the Boers. Such persons were, understandably, regarded as traitors.

A ‘joiner’ was different to a ‘hensopper’, a combatant who had surrendered. It was one thing to raise one’s hands in surrender, quite another to actively ‘join’ the enemy against one’s own people.

Although the feelings of subsequent generations concerning ‘hensoppers’ and ‘joiners’ might still occasionally run high, such distinctions are largely historical.

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