About Us

The House of Emslie is a niche seller of books. Several of our books have a connection with the Anglo-Boer War - in many ways South Africa's 'civil war', the scars of which have not yet completely healed. Our name reflects our location in Cape Town, but more significantly it celebrates the men and women of the old Cape Colony who, in one way or another, had the courage to oppose abuses of power in the name of empire, war and martial law. We recall their bravery and courage without in any way wishing to relive the past.

The books we stock celebrate truth, courage, integrity and humour, in many cases with reference to the Anglo-Boer War. This is not in order to glorify war, or to entrench past differences, but so that the lessons of this massive haemorrhage of goodwill might weld us together as a nation, enabling us to face the future with truth, courage, integrity and humour.

Apart from our books, we share great South African stories by way of a concise weekly email which is dispatched every Thursday. There is no cost involved, and we will soon be adding a free podcast to complement our weekly emails.