Marico Moon

by Herman Charles Bosman

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Marico Moon is a collection of 60 stories by the well-known, much-loved Herman Charles Bosman. Almost all of the Oom Schalk Lourens classics are included; also some less well known, but equally brilliant and amusing stories.

The ‘problem’ with many Bosman stories is that, as previously published, they use language that is today considered by many to be unacceptably offensive. For this reason, Bosman has been in serious danger of being sidelined by all except diehard fans.

In a quest to overcome this difficulty, the publisher experimented with minor editorial adjustments and omissions, and concluded that Bosman can be presented in ways that faithfully present his work without giving any offence. The result is Marico Moon: 60 stories with minimal editing, retaining the integrity of the original text.

These Bosman stories represent a superbly eclectic collection, with no consciously unifying factor other than that they inspire readers to smile, laugh, think, wonder or wander. The stories in Marico Moon are 60 excellent reasons why Lionel Abrahams referred to Bosman as ‘a South African literary genius’.

Volmaan oor die Marico, which contains the same stories translated into Afrikaans by Hendrik Jansen, was published simultaneously with Marico Moon.

ISBN 9780956774521

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