Kruger's Gold

By John Buchan

In January 1903 John Buchan, one of Milner’s Kindergarten, is summoned to a meeting in Johannesburg with Lord Milner and visiting British Secretary of State, Joseph Chamberlain.

He is informed that much of the gold that was removed from the State Mint by the Transvaal government, because of advancing British forces, is still in the country. A clue to the location of this hoard of gold, a veldpond, had been found at Pilgrim’s Rest.

Buchan is tasked by Chamberlain to find the gold, referred to by all as ‘Kruger’s Gold’.

Buchan heads for Pilgrim’s Rest without delay, by train and on horseback, through the beautiful mountains, forests and waterfalls of the Eastern Transvaal.

The resulting tale is one of danger, subterfuge and adventure, cloaked in the utmost secrecy. It is gripping and suspenseful until the very end.

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