Edward Carson QC

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Sir Sydney Kentridge QC comments: 'The author's accounts of Carson's cases make riveting reading for lawyers and general readers alike.'

This is the story of the life of Edward Carson up to 1910, with a strong emphasis on his career as an advocate. Carson became a well-known Irish QC before moving from Dublin to London as MP for Trinity College, and continued his legal career in London, where he soon became an English QC, the rising star in the legal firmament, and the acknowledged leader of the London Bar. Carson is well known for his defence of the Marquess of Queensbury in the Oscar Wilde trial, one of the most famous and tragic cases ever tried in the English courts. The author gives an eloquent, poignant and riveting account of Carson’s cross-examination of Wilde, a legendary contest between these two famous Irishmen who had been fellow-students at Trinity. Carson acted in many other celebrated cases involving well-known names such as Jameson (of the Jameson Raid), Lever, Cadbury and Gilbert (of Gilbert and Sullivan). He also successfully prosecuted the man who, circumstantial evidence shows, may well have been Jack the Ripper. 

ISBN 9780620394321

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