Leipoldt's Food & Wine

This trilogy of works by Leipoldt, Cape CookeryCulinary Treasures and Three Hundered Years of Cape Wine, is a delectable, amusing, insightful record of cultural and social history at the Cape, delightfully observed and nostalgically expressed by the pre-eminent connoisseur of Cape cuisine. Leipoldt writes about food and wine expressively as a poet, authoritatively as a medical doctor and botanist, and with the humility of the expert enthusiast. The ingredients of this book spring both literally and metaphorically from the soil of South Africa, articulating and preserving wonderful facets of Afrikaans culture and heritage. This is not only a book for the cook and the connoisseur, but for everyone able to appreciate exquisite prose, for everyone interested in encountering one of South Africa's great poets writing about something that fascinated him throughout his life – the preparation of good food and the enjoyment and value of wine.

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