Leipoldt's Cellar & Kitchen

Leipoldt was born on 28 December 1880 and died on 12 April 1947, three weeks after the last article in this book was published in Die Huisgenoot. He was an amazingly versatile man, and it is no exaggeration to call him poet, playwright, paediatrician, botanist, journalist, novelist, cook and connoisseur of food and wine. Probably best remembered as the quintessentially Afrikaans poet, Leipoldt is also famous as the pre-eminent authority on traditional Cape cuisine. His lifelong passion for food and wine, and for old recipes, prompted him to write about them extensively, and the articles translated and collected here embody a unique bredie of culinary and literary knowledge and skill. Probably the finest, and without doubt the most entertaining, fruit of Leipoldt's lifelong interest in food and wine, Leipodt's Cellar & Kitchen nostalgically evokes a South Africa that has all but vanished.

ISBN 0-620-34665-5

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