Escape from Culloden

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Escape from Culloden is the Chevalier de Johnstone’s autobiographical account of his escape from the Highlands after the defeat of the Stuart cause at Culloden, the last battle fought on British soil on 16 April 1746. It is an exciting tale of suspense and determination, describing the author’s flight as a partisan under threat of execution as a rebel. James Johnstone’s escape took some six months, and he describes his hazardous trek from Inverness to Edinburgh, his home city, and from Edinburgh to London, where he lived quietly until he fled to Holland posing as a servant of Lady Jane Douglas.

We read of strangers who acted as sincere friends, of hope, despair and eternal farewells. We even read of romance within the shadow of the scaffold in London, and of the penetrating grief of parting.

Escape from Culloden is not a history of 1745 Jacobite Uprising. It is, from beginning to end, a well written, gripping escape story.

ISBN 9780956774576

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